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Talie Monin (南非):屡获殊荣的爵士顶级女歌手Talie Monin出生于南非德班,Zulu族,在文化丰富的约翰内斯堡长大。

在全球最高水准的2017年蒙特勒爵士音乐节上,她击败了全球数百名顶级爵士乐歌手,赢得了最重要的“观众选择奖”,并于翌年再次回到瑞士,为爵士传奇人物Chick Corea开幕嘉宾。 Talie也成为2018年在德班举行的Imbokodo爵士音乐节的担纲演出人物,以及在南非首都约翰内斯堡顶级爵士乐场的最主要歌手。

Talie Monin是新兴音乐潮流 - 'JazzAfrique'的先锋,将她本土非洲节奏和音乐精神与当代爵士乐的精致和魅力无缝融合。

自五年前抵达香港以来,Talie Monin已经在亚洲地区掀疯狂热潮。她以无与伦比的清晰和成熟唱歌,使她成为一个独特的歌手。

她的曲目深受到非洲旋律和当今爵士乐的最佳编排,从着名的Ella Fitzgerald经典到迷人的巴西和世界音乐歌曲。她得到了The World Jazz Compendium的支持 - 这是一群来自全球各地经验丰富,才华横溢的爵士音乐家。

Talie Monin在2018年底发行了她的首张专辑“'24 Strathay”,反映了她通过她在非洲,欧洲和亚洲的许多旅行吸收的不同音乐兴趣和风格。


A standout vocalist since her earliest days growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, Talie Monin, (Nqobile Mchunu in her native Zulu) won numerous local singing contests and was deeply inspired by the contemporary jazz music her parents, aunts and uncles surrounded her with.

In her 20s, Talie moved to Paris to further her jazz vocal training at the American School of Modern Music, and went on to attend the renowned Sarah Lazarus Vocal Atelier at the Bill Evans Piano Academy. Eventually making her way to Hong Kong, Talie became an immediate hit with Asian audiences due to her unique delivery and vast knowledge the standard jazz repertoire.

In 2017, Talie Monin performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival and won 'Audience Choice Award' honours. She was invited back to Montreux the following year to open for Chick Corea and performed her original tune ~ 'Where's That Man?" to a warm, rousing reception from the standing room only crowd.

In 2018 , Talie was invited to give a special spotlight performance at the Imbokodo Jazz Festival in Durban, South Africa, where she was the only performer to receive a standing ovation.

More recently Talie Monin gave a sensational command performance at the Nelson Mandela 100th Centennary Celebrations held in Beijing, China. She also headlined at the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival in October 2018.

She is set to release her debut album '24 Strathay' at the end of 2018. The songs on this project reflect both her deep African musical roots and her longstanding love for the Great American Songbook and contemporary jazz.

Impossible to pigeon hole, Talie Monin offers a compelling blend of African~inspired music along with carefully selected contemporary tunes, plus a great many original compositions that make an immediate positive on listeners.