“You can find me, where the music meets the ocean.”

Hong Kong is the multi-islands metropolis, which attracts tourists from all over the world, with its exotic appearance, cultural activities and tropical climate.

Hong Kong is the leading Jazz city in Asia, it has a long history and organized all kinds of Jazz events and festivals as well as it gathers the world’s best Jazz musicians.

When we got to know the beautiful beach of Pui O, our dream evolved over the time, to organize a Jazz events on the beach and carry the dream forward to become a respected festival in Hong Kong and Asia. We feel it’s the right time and the right place, to achieve our dream.

We are very honoured to have the very top Jazz musicians to help us make the night an unique and unforgettable one. They musicians are: Ted Lo, Eugene Pao, Sylvain Gagnon, Andy Gander and Angelita Li.

We, the organization committee is a combined team of Jazz Music Contributors, Event Planners, Sound Engineers, Designers, Marketing Experts and Food/beverage providers, assisted with legal and insurance advisors, trying to perform a professional Jazz concert, a sparkling visual and audio festivity, at the Pui O beach. A native, down-to-earth venue without too many commercial paraphernalia, but with all the ability to host an official Jazz event, with a unique venue ambiance, signature drinks and beach style cuisine.

It will be a premiere in Hong Kong, for Jazz lovers, Jazz musicians and especially for those, who love the easy beach life style.








他們是:Ted Lo羅尚正先生,Eugene Pao包以正先生,Sylvain Gagnon,Andy Gander和Angelita Li李安琪小姐。




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