Kevin Guffy是来自美国西雅图的蓝调,摇滚和爵士吉他手/歌手,是一位流行的歌曲作者和歌手,目前居住在香港,乐队成员皆是国际音乐家。 他的音乐被<大评论法国巴黎比赛>,<圣路易斯纪事报>,<西雅图时报>所报道。

凯文在12岁时弹吉他,曾在乡村传奇人物Furlin Husky,The Inkspots,Albert Collins,Martha Raye,John lee Hooker担任吉他手。













SYVAIN GAGNON, 加拿大籍法裔贝斯手。是目前最活跃在亚洲爵士界的贝斯手。参与近百个音乐节,与中国,香港,台湾,及东南亚知名歌手,乐队合作。录制数百张CD并与当地和国际艺术家一起巡回演出,多次与张学友一起巡回演出。

Sylvain Gagnon被認為是來自蒙特利爾的同代最佳貝司手之一,擁有豐富的國際巡演和錄音經驗。他是爵士貝斯演奏的藝術大師,擁有來自各大洲的音樂經驗,從搖滾到標準爵士樂,從Carnatic(南印度古典音樂)到非洲音樂,從放克到拉丁音樂,從獨奏到大樂隊。他的技術能力和音樂意識幫助他建立了作為貝司手和領導者的良好聲譽。

bob mocarsky是来自美国的一位钢琴家,作曲家和编曲家。他曾是旧金山和纽约爵士界的中流砥柱。鲍勃已经写了数百部作品,并录制了数十部作品,同时领导了许多爵士乐团。


在他25年的音乐生涯中,他曾在美国各地的爵士音乐节和流行音乐会以及纽约的“底线”到旧金山的“Fillmore West”等俱乐部演出。 “我很高兴能够深入参与各种风格的音乐,从爵士乐到流行音乐,R&B,巴西和莎莎舞,从福音到实验。”


菲律宾籍鼓手,艺术家Lloyd Yamid现在致力于推出了一系列香港顶级音乐家的国际阵容。他亦是Soultone的代言人。他搬来香港后,和许多才华横溢的世界级音乐家一起玩音乐。也非常荣幸和与香港著名艺术家夏韶声,邓紫棋,还有Rodger Cheung一起工作。早前更推出他的首张个人专辑“灵感”。

GUITARIST   VOCALIST    SONGWRITER    ARTIST Kevin had a guitar in his hands as a kid and began performing professionally at age12 getting more serious as a guitarist, Kevin joined his first blues band as a teenager with bassist John Mazzocco. Self taught, he began gigging in Portland Oregon with acclaimed bassist  Ben Wolfe. At 21 he hit the road with the band The Inkspots.  Kevin played with great players as a youngster in Portland  “I was Lucky to have such great players to hang with”. In 2006 he moved to Hong Kong where he performed live with the JJ’s house band at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. A versatile player, Kevin went on to spend ten years in jazz circles performing with legendary Jazz fusion pioneer, Jim Pepper,  bassist Lester McFarland and bassist Ben Wolfe. Kevin was deeply influenced at that time by legendary Jazz fusion pioneer Tenor Player Jim Pepper who was living in Portland at the time, he did some gigs with Pepper  and learned from Jim “his presence influenced me just being around him” . Kevin began working as a guitarist for the Inkspots, country legend Furlin Husky, the Coasters and other sideman work. Later he began song-writing and formed his own band releasing his first Album in 1997 where he worked throughout the states. He subsequently went to Istanbul, opening Harrys Jazz Bar which became the most popular club in town and went on to play dates in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Making home in Hong Kong now, where he writes, teaches and performs regularly.


"... the virtuosity of fusion-jazz..." Le Soleil

"High flying bassist and talented composer..." Paroles et Musiques 

"... Gagnon is musically and technically supreme." Jazz in Time "Sylvain's fretless tone on Paix Nucléaire is incredibly warm and expressive, and his emotion-drenched solo, which climbs to the top of the 6-string range, is filled with slow slides and creative runs." Bass Player Magazine

Considered as one of the best bass player of his generation coming from Montreal, Sylvain Gagnon has extensive international touring and recording experience. He is a virtuoso of jazz bass playing and has experience in music from many continents and styles ranging from rock to standard jazz, from Carnatic (classical music from South India) to African music, from funk to Latin music, from solo to big band. His technical abilities and musical sense have helped him build a strong reputation as a bass player as well as a leader. 

Sylvain has participated in hundreds of albums with musicians such as Jackie Cheung, George Lam, Joey Calderazzo, Jeff "Tain" Watts, William So, Jean-Pierre Zanella, Daniel Lavoie, Magella Cormier, Helmut Lipsky, played on over 100 jingles, 50 movie soundtracks, toured internationally with his own band and many internationally acclaimed musicians. He also appeared in many movies, teleseries and talk shows as a musician. 

In Hong Kong, he arranged for, recorded and performed with numerous well known artists such as Leon Lai, Sandy Lam, Miriam Yeung, Bianca Wo, Justin Lo, Chris Wong, Georges Lam, Teddy Robbin, Prudence Liew, Kenny Bee, Elisa Chan, Mimi Lo, Jackie Cheung, Olivia Newton-John, William So, Priscilla Chan, Roman Tam, Choi Kom, Tiger Okoshi, Scott Hamilton, DD Jackson, Eugene Pao, and many more. Sylvain has been teaching privately as well as in colleges in Canada and Hong Kong.

Bob is a performing pianist, composer and arranger. He grew up in a musical family and started playing the piano from age six, studying the piano with his father. He established himself in San Francisco as a performing and studio musician. He earned a reputation as a versatile pianist, B3 Organist, synthesizer player and arranger who brought passion and color to every musical situation. He developed as a writer of jazz and pop songs and led several groups of his own.

In his twenty-five year music life he has played in jazz festivals and pop concerts across the USA, and in clubs such as New York's Bottom Line to San Francisco's Fillmore West. "I'm happy to have been deeply involved in so many styles of music, from Jazz to Pop, R&B, Brazilian and Salsa, Gospel to Experimental."

In the year 2001 Bob fulfilled his dream of performing in Asia and absorbed the music and culture of this inspiring part of the world for five years, playing jazz in cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Bangkok.

Filipino drummer, artist Lloyd Yamid is now working on an international lineup of top Hong Kong musicians. He is also the spokesperson of Soultone. After moving to Hong Kong, he played music with many talented world-class musicians, i.e. Danny Summer , Gloria Tang  , and Rodger Cheung. Earlier, he launched his first solo album "Inspiration".