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SYBIL THOMAS为歌唱而生。她從五歲起就一直在唱歌。她的第一次重大突破發生在70年代初,當時她與著名樂隊The Platters一起巡迴意大利,成為唯一的女歌手。

她來自一系列無法匹敵的音樂家族。作為傳奇人物Rufus Thomas的女兒,Stax Records的錄音藝術家,曾是孟菲斯田納西州WDIA電台的著名唱片騎師,以“孟菲斯之聲”而聞名,還有Carla Thomas的妹妹;她极具天賦。


在她的職業生涯中,她曾與Jeffrey Osborne,Luther Vandross,Phyllis Hyman和George Duke等其他音樂藝術家合作過。除了爵士長號手Hiroshi Fukumura等國際傳奇人物之外,還有熱門專輯中題為“The Only One For Me”的歌曲的主唱。和著名的爵士薩克斯管吹奏者Teramasu Hino。她曾與Lou Rawls和The Pointer Sisters等著名藝術家一起巡迴演出。她曾與許多獲得格萊美獎的藝術家一起巡迴演出,如Roberta Flack,Peabo Bryson和Stevie Wonder。她在Max Factor,Britannia Jeans和Yoplait Yogurt等幾個國際播出的商業廣告中都能聽到她的迷人聲音。


Sybil的聲音和對音樂的熱情令幾家紐約夜總會倾倒,比如阿波羅劇院,第七大道南,以及村里的Green Street BarandCafé,她在1970年代末和1980年代早期在賽道上工作。 。她的國際熱門唱片“救援我”和來自West End Records的Raw Silk的“Do it to the Music”的聲音經受住了時間的考驗,並且仍然在整個歐洲的排行榜上。


SYBIL還在美国熱門喜劇節目“週六夜現場”中演出。你会看到Eddie Murphy短劇,Joe Cocker和喜劇演員Lily Tomlin和SYBIL共同唱歌。

Sybil Thomas was born to sing. She has been singing since she was five years of age. Her first big break came in the early 70’s when she toured Italy with the distinguished group, The Platters, as the only female singer.

In her career she has worked with other such music artists as Jeffrey Osborne, Luther Vandross, Phyllis Hyman, and George Duke. As well as international legends such as jazz trombonist Hiroshi Fukumura, singing the lead vocals on the song entitled, "The Only One For Me" featured on the Hot Shot album; and Teramasu Hino, the renowned jazz saxophonist. She has toured with remarkable artists such as Lou Rawls and The Pointer Sisters. She has toured internationally with many Grammy award winning artists, such as Roberta Flack, Peabo Bryson, and Stevie Wonder. Her captivating voice has been heard on several internationally aired commercials for Max Factor, Britannia Jeans, and Yoplait Yogurt to name a few.

Sybil’s voice and passion for music has brought down the house in several New York nightclubs, such as, the Apollo Theatre, 7th Avenue South, and Green Street Bar and Café in the Village, as she worked the circuit in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Her international hit record, "Rescue Me" and the voice of Raw Silk’s "Do It to the Music", from West End Records, has stood the test of time and is still on the request list all over Europe.

Sybil has also made several special television appearances on the hit comedy show "Saturday Night Live". She would be seen singing backup for several Eddie Murphy skits, Joe Cocker, and comedian Lily Tomlin.

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