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余佳运,1994年10月30日出生于浙江省宁波市,原创音乐人。擅长词曲创作、编曲、录音混音。少年时期自学唱歌、钢琴和吉他。2017年毕业于伯克利音乐学院。2016年大学期间推出EP《幸福三部曲》,其中单曲《我想》一经发布就登上网易云音乐原创榜单首位;2018年1月,在网易云音乐主办的“硬地围炉夜·2017网易云音乐原创盛典”现场,和伯克利音乐学院校友JuliaWu、Panta.Q共同演绎了《依然》、《我想》、《Crazy》三首热曲;2018年6月中旬完成了个人第一次全国巡演 ——“不太火”;2018年9月24日,在太合音乐集团举办的首届麦田音乐节,作为首批阵容表演;2019年6月2日,在杭州太子湾举办的“2019西湖音乐节”,作为嘉宾表演。


R&B soul singer, all-round singer

Yu Jiayun, born on October 30, 1994 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, is an original musician. He’s good at songwriting, arrangement, recording and mixing. “Self-study singing, piano and guitar in my childhood”, Yu says. Graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 2017. In 2016, during the university, EP "Happiness Trilogy" was launched. The single "I want" was published on the Internet, and became the best album.

2017 Yu performed three songs "Follow", "I want" and "Crazy" with Berkeley Music Alumni Julia Wu, Panta.Q at Netease Cloud Music Original Festival",; Yu completed the first in national tour - "not too hot" in mid-June of 2018.On June 2, 2019Yu performed as guest performance at hangzhou 2019 West Lake Music Festiva.

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