We’re thrilled to announce that Jazz on the Beach will be held again in Hong Kong this year on Lantau Island at Treasure Island Beach Club, Pui O Beach. We love the beach and we love music, and we hope you’ll join us on October 5th (2-11pm).

From only one band last year at the first-ever Jazz on the Beach event, we love that we are able to present six unique bands this year! Come out to the beach, relax and enjoy listening to music from:

- Jazz Queen Elaine Liu with Friends

- Sybil Thomas & the Blues Boyzz

- Café 852 – Jazz, Tango & Gypsy Trio

- Fusion Five Jazz Original

- West Coast Blues Trio featuring Kevin Guffy

- The 852's,Blues Brothers and Soul Sisters

Will be another great music event filled with positive vibes for Hong Kong, for jazz lovers, jazz musicians and especially for those who love the chilled-out atmosphere of listening to music by the beach.



  - 爵士皇后Elaine Liu和她的朋友們

  - 美國著名女歌手SYBIL THOMAS和她的藍調男孩們

  - 著名的852咖啡廳 - 是爵士,探戈和吉普賽樂曲的3人樂團

  - 由五位爵士大師組成的FUSION爵士樂隊

  -  West Coast Blues Trio西岸藍調,以Kevin Guffy為首的3人樂團
​  - THE 852‘s,香港膾炙人口的PARTY樂隊,為全晚帶來歡樂的結尾與高潮


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